Listen to my bands of peace and enjoy special DJ mixes by DJ Megatron etc.

Masters Of The Overlords is my own band where I play all the instruments and also work simultaneously as its VJ. You can book ”us” on gigs both live and covid-ily live over the internet by writing to music (at)

Listen to ”our” soundcloud releases here!

Deuce & Ace is an earlier ”band project” still going on together with Vilunki 3000. In our concerts I have preformed a drag king show as Ace. Ace is a discouraged italo artist from 80s who built a time-machine to find a time in the future where people would understand his heart. Unfortunately he did not travel far enough in time and only found one understanding person: Deuce, his virtuoso gay lover, (also a time traveller but from the 70s).

Listen to our soundcloud releases here.
I love the mixtape culture! Here is a MIXVIDEO I made some years ago to experiment on making a mixtape that you could look upon while it is playing.

The annual mixed mixes

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