I am in love with making animations, though completely self thought in this art. On this page you can find some of my animations.

The first here is based on the illustrations of Manuela Pertega in the graphic novel Giraffes on Horseback Salad. It tells the tale of and from a screenplay project about a “Surrealist Woman” by Salvador Dali and the Marx Brothers. The soundtrack to this novel was made by Pepe Deluxe! This is practically the closest thing to the movie that Marx Bros didn’t make out of Dali’s scriptwriting…😝

The other I drew with my index finger on a mobile device:

I wanted to become an animation artist when I was younger, but did not get into the school for that so I walked a longer way to the goal along another avenue. I even got to work almost professionally with animation later on, showed my work sometimes on web television (Panorama etc. at m2hz) and in interactive pieces on vast screens in public places (in Helsinki and Madrid). — Now in 2021 I am starting my dream all over again learning more advanced techniques and even dream of doing 3D-animations. — Do you need a creative animator person to work with some project? Contact me without fear of rough styles!

My game animation character depicting Global Capitalism as a monster in the Media Facade festivals on public screens of Helsinki and Madrid 2014.