IN SPIRNG NEWS 2022: Videos for Head First

In the spring of 2022 I made a 3-videos-large collaboration with the Finnish funk metal band Head First, with the legendary singer Kärtsy Hatakka, who’s interventions in music I have been a fan of since the 90s.

Inspired by the video “Pagan Rebel” I made for the band ZEUS, that’s lead singer Jesper Anastasiadis is also a part of head First, the band requested two of the videos to be creative work with greenscreen. “Stars of Life” and “Sandcastles” were shot by the band’s resident photographer Jarkko Tiitinen in front of a greenscreen, and edited by me.

The LYRIC VIDEO for the track ALIVE was the second lyric video I’ve ever done, and posting it out I am hoping to do a lot more of such in the future, as well as green screen works too <3