The translation f the Finnish word ”tarunhohtoinen” is ”legendary” or ”fabled”. VJ Taru N. Hohtonen is living for WOW- feelings you get from seeing a double rainbow.
My real name is Maria Candia – not such a keen public performer without my aliases as empowering tools but realising that I have to put my real name somewhere on my very own website😅

In English for International Audience

Explanation for the website

VIDEO: On this website you can watch VJ Taru N. Hohtonen’s magic space art videos. They are not made for commercial use, but rather visual commentaries from within the editor’s inner world, and showcases for my VJ-performance art.

Most are also music videos for bands and artists I’m digging in my closest cultural surroundings. Music artists and record labels all over the world are now welcome to order Taru N. Hohtonen’s music videos! I hope opening a website brings me closer to a multitude of wonderful artists everywhere.

MUSIC: Listen for free to music by my band MASTERS OF THE OVERLORDS and the other project Deuce & Ace, as well as special DJ-mixes from great occasions like New Years and Midsummers.

LITERATURE: Later the World can read or order purely original science fiction stories through this website, (mostly in Finnish, but something even in English and Swedish), and enjoy other stuff like free listening of the electronic music soundtracks that came with my books (Kapteeni Shiva 1-4, 2007-2010), so CHECK LATER BACK FOR UPDATES on this matter! I have written (with the name Megatron Braineater) (and will go on writing possibly with other names) scifi-novels. My greatest personal role models in literature are Philip K. Dick and Jorge Luis Borges.

At the moment, for my paper format books please contact:

SF Rediscovery video orders:

Please contact me to order lightly and swiftly produced music videos for your youtube-channel and/or other social media, for example. That is but one of the many skills my SF Rediscovery Studio has to offer! This is the first time our services can be ordered online internationally directly from the makers so be the first on your Continent to be this awesome 🤩! In need of a video, graphic design, music or further information please write to:!

PS: I also make music videos in cooperation with AKT ❤︎

Suomeksi kanssasuomalaisille

Selitys nettisivulle

Tältä sivustolta löydät kokoelman VJ Taru N. Hohtosen videomuotoista taidetta. Minulta voi myös tilata vastaavia videoita niin bändisi musiikkiin kuin muihinkin hyviin tarkoituksiin.

Samalta tekijältä voi esimerkiksi lukea ja tilata myös tieteistarinoita ja -romaaneita, sekä kuunnella amatöörimäisesti mutta antaumuksella tuotettua musiikkia.

SF Rediscovery-tuotantojen nettikauppa:

Ota yhteyttä tilataksesi minulta kevyen tuotannon musiikkivideotuotantoja, grafiikkaa, animaatioita, elektronista musiikkia ihan mihin vain tarkoitukseen ja paljon muita palveluita edullisesti.

Kirjoita osoitteeseen:!

PS: Teen musavideoyhteistyötä myös AKT:n kanssa ❤︎